The all-In-one source for at-home self-sufficiency and sustainability solutions

Sustain Yourself. Save Yourself.

What is Wildline?

Wildline is an all-in-one source for at-home self-sufficiency and sustainability solutions. Wildline handles all aspects of the process that a client desires; from consultation, to analyzing client properties, to working with partner companies on implementation.


This system saves clients time, energy, and risk by negating the need to research and coordinate with multiple companies. Through a combination of in-company consultants and outsourcing to partnered, best-fit businesses, Wildline’s services are attainable and uniquely tailored to all clientele.

Where We Service: Wildline is focused on New Hampshire and adjoining states. However, we  have many alternative and adaptive options for properties across the United States.

Meet Our Team

Hunter Letendre
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Autenrieth
Co-Founder, COO & Head Consultant


Available online and in-person

Property Analysis

How to make your property work most efficiently to achieve your goals

Project Planning

Expert help covering every aspect of the process

Solution Mapping

Detailed mapping to outline exactly how your chosen solutions can be implemented