Buying a Home with Self-Sufficiency in Mind

Are you considering buying a home sometime in the near future? Is creating a more self-sufficient and self-reliant life important to you? If you answered yes to both, we can help.

Wildline Solutions can now connect you with a Real Estate Professional who can help you find the home with the maximum potential to reach your self-sufficient living goals. Through this partnership, Wildline and your Realtor will work closely together to best find the home which is going to suit your needs and goals. This includes property analysis, nearby resources identification and solution mapping of potential homes BEFORE you ever put an offer in.

Sound good? There's more... when you use this program, Wildline will waive up to 95% of it's typical costs and fees associated with planning your new lifestyle.

If you're interested at all in learning more, fill out a Questionnaire, or contact Hunter Letendre, Realtor at or at 603-268-9559.

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