Cash Crops You Can Grow in New England

Here are some of the best and most lucrative cash crops that will grow in a New England climate.


  • Lavender is a versatile crop that can produce profits well above average.

  • You can sell the oil or the fresh flowers.

  • A 20′ x 20′ growing area can produce around 300 bunches each year, worth $1,800.


  • The two most popular gourmet mushrooms are oyster and shiitake mushrooms.

  • Oyster mushrooms can produce about 25lbs per square foot of growing area each year and sell for about $7 a pound!

  • Both mushrooms can be sold dried, but are more lucrative if sold fresh.


  • Rocambole, Purplestripe and Porcelain are the three main types of gourmet garlic.

  • They can each go for up to $10 a pound.

  • Elephant garlic can bring in $6-$8 per pound. Therefore one acre of Elephant Garlic could grow 15,000 pounds.

  • Garlic is very hearty and relatively easy to grow.


  • It can take six years for Ginseng roots to be ready to harvest, making it more of a long-term investment.

  • Over a six year period, ginseng farmers could create $200,000 worth of Ginseng per acre.

  • Ginseng is very difficult to grow large scale, but can be grown quite easily in a natural setting on a small scale.

  • "Wild" Ginseng is most profitable, therefore it can be best to grow Ginseng in a natural setting to create a "Wild-Simulated" plant.

  • It’s believed that wild ginseng is much more medicinally potent.

  • It is illegal to harvest WILD ginseng in parts of New England.


  • Goji berries are very popular due to their status as a "superfood".

  • They are filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

  • They're hardy and grow well in dry environments .

  • Most goji berries are grown in China, but it has adapted well to grow in a North American climate.

  • Organic dried goji berries sell for $20+ per pound, and fresh berries can sell for significantly more.

  • 7,000 pounds of goji berries can grow per acre.


  • There are several cold hardy varieties of Bamboo that are capable of surviving winters with temperature below zero.

  • Homeowners will often pay as much as $150 for a bamboo plant.

  • By growing in planters in a 40ft X 30ft space, you could grow 600+ bamboo plants at once.

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