Meet the Founders: Alex Autenrieth (COO)

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Hi, my name is Alex Autenrieth, co-founder and COO of Wildline.

I was born in New Hampshire, and currently live in Hooksett. I recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation and Biology, and a minor in Justice Studies. I am an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. My appreciation for these activities began early in my life and continued throughout my young adulthood, leading to me joining Boy Scouts and obtain the rank of Eagle Scout, which influenced my decision to major in the environmental field.

What part of Wildline are you most passionate about?

I would say I’m most excited to work outside, make personal connections with clients and partners, and improve people’s use of environmental resources. In recent decades, many people have fallen into the routine of utilizing our natural resources and modifying the landscape without contemplating the impact to our ecosystem. I’m passionate about helping people break this routine and beneficially impact our environment and themselves.

What have been your main duties in building Wildline?

While Hunter is the business side, I am all about sustainability and solutions. My responsibilities involve validating potential solutions, finding different partners that can implement them, and learning more about every solution so I can better consult on them. I spent a lot of time learning to analyze properties in school and always found it to be something I really enjoyed. I am also currently obtaining my LEED Accreditation which will be hugely beneficial on that front. After launch, I will assume my role as lead consultant, whose job is to listen to client’s needs, analyze their property, create their personalized proposals, and take action to apply the most effective solutions.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

I am a licensed Wilderness EMT through Stonehearth Outdoor Learning Opportunities (SOLO), which is the oldest continuously operating school of wilderness medicine in the world. Also, as a child I once ate poison ivy because I believed that I was immune to it (I wasn’t, do not try at home).

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