Meet the Founders: Hunter Letendre (CEO)

Wildline is the all-in-one source for at-home self-sufficiency and sustainability solutions. Visit our website for more information.

Hey! I’m Hunter Letendre, co-founder and CEO of Wildline. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, and recently graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Studies. Outside of Wildline, I am an avid writer, I love to fish, hike and travel, and I am also pursuing a real estate license.

What part of Wildline are you most passionate about?

Alex and I initially came up with the idea for Wildline while trying to create a business plan that we could both be passionate about. I’ll let him talk about what those passions are for him, but for me, it is my interest in self-sufficient living (probably deriving from my love of apocalyptic media), wanting to be involved in real estate, and desire to create a business that would make a real difference.

I think we are coming up on a time where living a more self-sufficient lifestyle will see a huge boom in popularity. The world is uncertain, and if anything, the events of COVID have shown that there is a real need for increasing peoples’ ability to depend on themselves. I want to help households protect themselves and grow as self-sufficient entities, regardless of whether or not they employ Wildline to do so.

What have been your main duties in building Wildline?

With only two co-founders with very different skill sets, I have run the entire business side of the operation. The business plan and formation, marketing strategy and execution, financial projections, networking and so on have been my full-time job these past few months. After launch, I will take on more of an administration role which will involve coordinating with both our clients and partners.

What’s a fun-fact about yourself?

I am currently gearing up to publish my first novel! (More information about that to come soon on my personal social media). I am also very double jointed in my hands, it's my best party trick.

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