So, You Weren't Prepared for COVID. Time to Change.

Think back to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Back to the first time you wore a mask to the store, or even the first time you saw someone else wearing one.

Back to when kids came home for the weekend, or college students for spring break—and then they never left.

Back when it seemed as if grocery store shelves had emptied overnight, and when you didn’t know when they would fill back up.

Now, at some point it’s likely that you tried to stock up on basic necessities. Food, medicine, toilet paper—maybe? But at what point did you feel fully prepared for what was to come?

If you’re like most Americans, the answer is never.

And if you’re like most Americans, COVID-19 isn’t the only thing you’re worried about.

[Study conducted by Wildline Solutions in February 2020-March 2020, "Please rank your level of concern regarding the following issues and topics"]

COVID-19 will not be the last pandemic we see in our lifetimes.

... It will not be the last time we wonder if the system can continue to support us.

... It will not be the last time unemployment reaches record highs, that stock markets hit record lows.

Airline traffic, booming populations, international tension, climate change, cost of healthcare and the severely lacking response system from many governments have created the perfect catalyst for not only pandemics, but an entire host of nasty events which only become more likely by the day.

This is not meant to fear-monger or cause panic, but it is meant to scare you. Because if you are scared now, you're more likely to act now.

Imagine a world where more people had been prepared for COVID. A world where the average person relied less on the system, and more on themselves.

Grocery stores would not have been emptied to the degree they were, societies vulnerable would have had better access to the systems they need. Greater ability to stay home would have slowed the spread of the virus, and most importantly, YOU and your loved ones would have had greater piece of mind.

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in an incredible tragedy, with decades-long implications that are just beginning to become visible. However, it has also given us the single gift of learning to prepare.

In 2020 and beyond, the key to being prepared for the next disaster lies in re-defining the concept of self-sufficiency, especially in western nations. No longer can self-sufficient living be considered something for the few. It must be a staple for the many.

Self-Sufficient living is NOT limited to:

  • Homesteading

  • Living 100% off-grid

  • Large, rural properties

  • Unappealing, ramshackle solutions

  • Do-It-Yourself

  • Doomsday Prepping

Self-Sufficient living CAN BE:

  • Modern and appealing to the eye

  • Affordable

  • Suitable for urban living, apartments and suburban backyards

  • Low-maintenance

  • Something to be proud of

Overall, we ask you to simply take a moment to consider what you want your future to look like when the next disaster comes around. Because the question is not if it will happen, but when. Not should you be prepared, but why weren't you?

To help you figure out what self-sufficiency solutions could be right for you, please take a look at "Wildline's Master List of Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency Solutions"

Keep following this blog "Walk the Wild Line" for more resources on living self-sufficiently, and please check out Wildline's Website if you're looking for more help in preparing for your self-sufficient future.

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