What is Wildline?

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Wildline, or Wildline Solutions, is your all-in-one source for at-home self-sufficiency and sustainability. That means anything from solar panels to gardens to honeybee hives will be easier than ever before to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Our mission at Wildline is simple; to create an uncomplicated, yet thoughtful service for those who wish to live a more self-sufficient or sustainable lifestyle.

At Wildline, we believe that the future is not only in sustainability, but in creating a world where more individuals are able to provide for themselves and their families. The world is changing rapidly, it is growing without caution and it is producing both fresh dangers and opportunities by the moment. Wildline is dedicated to meeting this new world head on, by providing an opening for households to adopt new ways of living and consuming into their lifestyles.

With a focus on accessibility, Wildline will provide options regardless of current subject knowledge, budget, property type or schedule. Access to a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle should not be a luxury, nor require extensive work to attain, but should be a foundational and beautiful addition to any way of life.

As for the logistics…

Wildline is based out of Hooksett, New Hampshire. While Wildline's initial focus is on New Hampshire and surrounding areas, we will still offer many options for those with property across the United States.

Wildline operates through two main components:

1. In-House Consultants: Our consultants are knowledgeable across a wide range of self-sufficiency and sustainability solutions. Wildline’s consultants are here to conduct property analysis, aid in discovering which solutions are best suited, and create in-depth personalized proposals which will cover every step and detail of the process.

2. Carefully Selected Partners: For those clients seeking a more full-service approach, Wildline offers complete project management and implementation of chosen solutions through coordination with our partners.

A more expansive list of solutions: Solar panels, wind turbines, hydro power, food gardens, herbal remedy gardens, edible lawns, hydroponics, wildlife food plots, rain-water storage and harvesting, small livestock, wood-burning stoves, energy storage, composting, gray-water systems, ground water access, greenhouses, honeybee hives, root cellars, disaster preparedness setups, tree-taping and many more adaptive options.

If you're interested in utilizing Wildline, or have a business that could fit as a potential partner, please check out our website www.wildlinesolutions.com and send us a message!

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