Why Bat Houses are the New Bird Houses

It's time to face it.. bats are adorable.

I mean come on. Adorable.

However unless you're some bat enthusiast, you're probably like the rest of us, and like to keep your bat viewing from a healthy distance. As they are, after all, wild animals.

If you live in the United States, the most likely type of bat you will encounter is the Little Brown Bat, which only grows to about the size of your thumb, and can eat over 1,200 insects in one hour. So, not only have we now established that these guys are extremely cute, but they're also very useful, especially for combating diseases such as Malaria and West Nile Virus.

"Will putting up a bat house attract more bats to my property?"

The simple answer? No. Not really. Because believe it or not, the bats already live all around your home. Just like a bird house doesn't call in more birds, a bat house just gives these creatures already in the area a safe place to call home. A place, might we mention, that is NOT your attic or rafters.

"Where do the bats live now?"

Under tree bark, mostly, or in your rafters and attic. Caves too, but generally speaking bats reside in trees and man-made structures.

"Why do they need a bat house?"

Well, first, just like a bird house, a bat house provides a safe, warm and secure place for them to live, especially during winter. Secondly, WHITE NOSE SYNDROME. White Nose Syndrome is a disease which is decimating bat populations, and has already killed over one million Little Brown Bats. The disease spreads due to the overcrowded and filthy conditions that many bats live in. By providing the bats near you with an alternative home, you can help fight the spread of White Nose Syndrome (which is not believed to have any effect on humans, by the way).

"How can I get a bat house?"

You could DIY build one using information online, or find a reputable source to purchase one. Just make sure that the homes are made with care and non-toxic materials. Or, if you can wait, Wildline Solutions will be releasing its own Bat House line in early 2021. One of the only Bat Houses designed with immense care in mind for bats and humans alike.

To keep up with Wildline Solutions, and follow the release of our Bat Houses follow us on Instagram @Wildline.Solutions.

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